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Ergonomic Salad Tongs


Ergonomic Analysis, User Interviews, CAD


3 weeks


Fusion 360


Along with a team of two others, we used task analysis, anthropometrics and ergonomics to make standard kitchen tongs better and easier to use.


  • Ease of use

  • Fine control over tool

  • Ease of adjustments to grip

  • Fit (even pressure distribution across palm, and fingers)


  • Users unanimously preferred when it was obvious which side of the tongs their thumb should be placed on, so we made a well-defined thumb groove on the grips.

  • Users didn't feel the same about non-thumb fingers, as specific grooves for all other fingers often confused users as to where and how exactly to place their fingers, especially because hand sizes varied so much. 

  • We learned to balance the tradeoffs between ease of use, comfort, and accessibility for users with different hand sizes, which were all conflicting factors.


1. Task Analysis

2. Anthropometrics Analysis

3. Ideation

4. Foam Prototypes (6)

5. User Testing

6. Qualitative Ergonomic Analysis

7. User Testing (round 2)

8. Final CAD

Final Presentation:

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