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Fishing Robot

IMG_6304 2_edited.jpg


Design, Fabrication, FEA, Mass Optimization Calculations


5 weeks


Fusion360, 3D Printer, Mill 


Create a mass-optimized mechanical system that rotates a 1 meter pole with a 3 kg"fish" 45° as fast as possible.


1. Determine goal

2. Select motor operating point 

3.  Generate concept sketches

4.  Design chassis based on             FBDs and loading cases

5. Use stress, bending and              buckling equations to                  optimize chassis for mass            efficiency

6. CAD mechanical system

7. Fabricate mechanical system

8. Test

9. Repeat steps 4-8 to make the best robot possible

Final Report:

Final Video:

Critical Acclaim:

"You have won the award for "Best Objective Performance", certificate attached. We would also have awarded you "Best Style" for your video, but we have a policy of giving only one award per team. Well done! Your legend will be long lived..."
-Prof. Steve Collins

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