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Wildtype Lab-Grown Salmon

🚨Note: All specific details are protected under NDA🚨


Prototyping, Testing, Product Manufacturing, Data Analysis


10 weeks




Wildtype is a startup currently with about $123M in funding that uses cellular agriculture to clone actual salmon cells and produce sustainable salmon (I've tried it and it tastes exactly like the real deal!). The design firm I worked for was contracted by Wildtype to create a manufacturing device that could scale up salmon production for an imminent product launch in the consumer market.


Throughout the summer I was the primary assistant to the project lead. I spent over 217 hrs operating the prototype, conducting 212 testing cycles, recording data and assembling new components for improvement/experimentation. I was eventually able to run all R&D testing processes on my own when the project lead had other commitments.

Although I can't go into detail about my work due to NDA, I have provided a quote from the Wildtype website along with a renders of their manufacturing facility to give at the very least a vague idea of what kind of work I did.

"The first era of cultivated seafood and meat is drawing to a close ... The second era, which is upon us now, is about one thing: scale ... our pilot production process needs to be fully stress-tested before we can move up in scale. We’re rising to this challenge and are excited to introduce our products to the public very soon"

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